Learning About Historical Window Replacement and Materials

Learning About Historical Window Replacement and Materials

Wired And Battery Power Options For Motorized Window Shades

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Motorized window shades keep your house safe and secure with less manual operation. Besides, motorized treatments are one of the few custom options that increase your home's value. However, the window shades require power, which you can get from electricity, batteries, or solar. Discover the different powering options for your motorized window shades.


Wires draw power from your home's main power supply. You can choose between plug-in or hard-wired options for your motorized window shades.


Plug-in motorized window shades run a transformer and power cord from your window shade cover to a power source. Therefore, you should conceal and secure the cords to prevent safety hazards. The option is also suitable for a few windows because you will need many cables for many windows.

Also, since you connect your motorized window shade to a power outlet, you should locate your windows close to a power outlet.


In a hardwired plan, an electrician runs wires through the walls of your home to connect to the shades. This option is ideal if you want to do a major renovation or during construction.

DC motors are suitable for small to medium-sized motorized windows. On the other hand, AC motors are perfect for big windows because AC motors lift heavier weights. Nonetheless, you may need an extra circuit within your electric panel for AC motors.

The operational cost for wired motorized window treatments is low. So, you won't significantly impact your utility bills. You will even save on AC electricity usage because your automated windows control the heat that gets into your premises.


Batteries can either be rechargeable or non-rechargeable and come in different types, as discussed below.

External Non-Rechargeable Batteries

You plug an external non-rechargeable battery into your motorized window shade and replace them upon expiry. Different manufacturers have various expected lifespans, so buy one that best suits your needs. Motorized windows are energy-efficient, so you won't face many battery replacements. Nonetheless, the plan becomes very expensive in the long run if you have many windows.

External Rechargeable Batteries

You can hide external rechargeable batteries behind the motorized window shades or mount them on your walls. In addition, you can recharge the batteries or replace them entirely if you experience a decrease in efficiency. External rechargeable batteries are high-powered and can support big motorized window shades.

Built-In Rechargeable Batteries

With built-in rechargeable batteries, you don't need outlet wires or plugs. Instead, the power package gets concealed within your motorized window shade. Most batteries take four to six hours to recharge and go for months with power. Nonetheless, you will need to recharge old batteries more often than the newer ones.


Motorized shades give you various power options. Whichever power option you choose, motorized window options don't always consume too much power. Also, you can reduce the strain on your AC unit with an ideal temperature control plan. For more information, contact a company like Gallery Window Fashions.


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