Learning About Historical Window Replacement and Materials

Learning About Historical Window Replacement and Materials

4 Reasons Why Double Hung Windows Are The Best Choice

Isaiah Brewer

When it comes to your home, your windows matter. You want to have the best windows in your home. You want to have windows that allow you to enjoy a great view, and that allows you to enjoy a great breeze, while also keeping you safe at the same time. You want windows that protect you and take care of you. When it comes to the best windows for your home, double-hung windows should be at the top of your list.

Reason #1: Adaptable Style

One of the top reasons to consider double-hung windows is because they offer you an adaptable style. They come in many different window frame options, which means you can get the material and color frame that you want to fit your home. You can get a double-hung window in a wide range of different configurations and sizes. Additionally, you can style a double-hung window in different ways, with open glass, or with cross-sections on the glass. It is a very versatile window that will allow you the freedom you need to match your personal style.

Reason #2: Amazing Ventilation

Second, with double-hung windows, you will get to enjoy amazing ventilation. You can open up either one sash or two sashes. A sash is just a fancy name for the movable pieces of glass on the windows. With a double-hung window, there is no stationary glass.

Both pieces of glass are designed to move back and forth. What that means for you is that you can open the bottom of the window or the top; or depending on the configuration of the window, the left or the right side. That can change the way that air flows into your home. Or if you want, you can open both sides of the window just a little bit, allowing air to flow through both sides. You can even add a screen if you want a breeze without bugs. 

Reason #3: Safety

Third, double-hung windows are safe. The glass doesn't swing outward in any way, like with casement and other styles of windows. That means that they work well being placed somewhere where they are walkways, patios, and decks. They also have great internal safety measures, so that you can lock the window and stay safe inside your home. 

Reason #4: Easy to Care for

With so much stuff inside your home, you don't want your windows to be hard to care for. You want them to be something that you almost don't have to think about, and with double-hung windows, that is true. You can just clean them when you need to, and they will be good. 

If you want new windows, double-hung windows with warranty are a smart investment. They are stylish, offer great ventilation, are safe, and on top of all that, are easy to take care of.   


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