Learning About Historical Window Replacement and Materials

Learning About Historical Window Replacement and Materials

Three Critical Considerations Before Choosing Exterior Window Shutters

Isaiah Brewer

Exterior window shutters have been in use for ages. Various shutters were used to protect windows even before glass windows became popular and affordable. Wood shutters helped shield windows in the summers and winters and offered extra privacy. However, technological advancements have made shutters be applied mainly for aesthetics.

Here are three essential considerations while buying non-operable or operable shutters.

Style of your home 

The shutter you plan to install should match the style of your home. You can study the shutters in your neighborhood and select one that perfectly suits the style and environment. The exterior decorative features should be in line with the architectural style.

There are louvered installations of shutters. This style mainly protects your windows from rainfall, and they are movable or fixed. Combining them with panels is another good style alteration.

Board and batten are what to go for if your home has a rustic country touch. On the other hand, Bahama or Bermuda shutter style is suitable in coastal environments. This Caribbean style applies an installation that makes the shutters mimic an awning on your windows.

Accurate sizing

The size of your window shutters is a critical consideration. You need a size that can cover your windows when closed. This exterior decoration should be able to give an impression of usability. This requirement extends to the non-operable shutters. Additionally, the window shutters should mimic the window architecture.

Be keen during window repairs and replacements because installers make mistakes. You are likely to come across shutters that are fixed upside down. If you do the maintenance or some paintwork via the do-it-yourself mechanism, replace them accurately.

Do not make assumptions that all your windows are of the same size. Get measures from each window before placing your order.

Material selection

After understanding the shutters that suit your style, have the correct sizes of quality materials. The materials should reflect your lifestyle. You can pick structural PVC, pultruded fiberglass, or wood. Prefabricated wood and vinyl shutters are the common materials.

Wood has proven to be a good choice based on its historical use and flexibility. You can alter the appearance with painting solutions. If you do not plan to replace them sooner, choose wood shutters made from African mahogany to resist decay. Other shutters are made from cypress and cedar trees.

If you do not want painting and other maintenance needs, use shutters made from composite materials.


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