Learning About Historical Window Replacement and Materials

Learning About Historical Window Replacement and Materials

Having A Skylight Installed In Your Home

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The addition of a skylight can be an upgrade that will provide your home with a natural source of light. This can lead to you being able to reduce the energy costs of lighting your home while still ensuring there is ample light for the interior. Check out skylight lighting for sale to see what you need and read more information below.

Myth: A Skylight Will Likely Develop A Leak

A homeowner that assumes their new skylight will lead to water leaking into the interior may be hesitant about committing to this upgrade. However, a professionally installed skylight is unlikely to suffer from leaking problems. As part of the installation, a water barrier will be installed that can prevent water from seeping through gaps or other small openings. In addition to this barrier, the border of the skylight will be treated with a sealant to further improve its resistance to leaks. A skylight will also often use extremely durable glass or vinyl so that it will be less vulnerable to developing cracks that could leak water.

Myth: Skylights Are Always Fairly Large

There is an assumption that skylights are always fairly large windows that will have to be installed in the roof. While there are some skylights that are fairly large in size, it is possible to have them customized so that they can fit almost any size or shape. This can make skylights a useful addition to hallways or other areas that may benefit from natural light but that may not be able to accommodate the installation of a new window. During your initial consultation with the skylight contractor, they can review the area where the skylight is to be placed to better explain the options, work and costs that will be involved with making this upgrade to the home.

Myth: A Skylight Will Make Your Home Far Less Energy Efficient

The energy efficiency of your home can be an important factor in determining the comfort for those living there along with the energy expenses that will be required to heat or cool the interior. Luckily, skylights will not have a noticeable impact on the overall energy efficiency of the home. These lights are made to be as efficient as possible so that any unwanted heat transfer can be avoided. Furthermore, these skylights can have automatic shades that you can use on days when the sun is particularly hot or intense and you want to limit the light entering the home. These benefits can make it possible to enjoy the benefits of natural lighting without having to sacrifice your ability to regulate the interior temperature of your home.


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