Learning About Historical Window Replacement and Materials

Learning About Historical Window Replacement and Materials

Impact Windows: Answers To Your Questions

Isaiah Brewer

Impact windows protect your home against hurricanes, bad storms, and even home invasion. You likely have quite a few questions about these windows if you are considering installing them on your home. 

Are Impact Windows Ugly?

A common misconception is that impact windows are unattractive. Once installed, impact windows look just like standard windows, so they are just as attractive as the common windows on the market. In fact, impact windows are much more attractive than hurricane shutters, as there are no shutter housings or hardware that detract from the appearance of your home.

Can You Choose Your Own Details?

Impact windows come in just as many design options as standard windows. For example, since nearly all impact windows have durable metal frame materials, you can choose the shape and color of the frames. You also have some glass options, such as tint-level and color.  There are also choices on energy efficiency and UV glass coatings. Impact windows can be custom made to fit any size or shape of window opening.

Will the Windows Be Operable?

The strongest impact windows aren't typically designed to be operable, but you can find impact windows that you can open and close. Keep in mind that operable windows will not have the same durable seal as fixed windows, so the level of impact rating is often lower for operable windows compared to inoperable models. For this reason, you may only want to install operable impact windows on the sides of the home that have the least amount of wind exposure.

Is Energy Efficiency an Option?

The basic design of an impact window with layers of glass and polymer, provides quite a bit of energy efficiency. The level of efficiency can be viewed on the energy star label that the window carries. You can also find impact windows with added energy efficiency. These contain an insulated layer of gas along with the standard impact resistant layers. 

What Types of Impacts Can They Handle?

Impact windows come at different wind and impact weight limits. Most are designed to handle projectile impacts, such as those from a thrown or windblown object. They can also withstand wind pressure, which can crack glass or force moisture around seals. Don't overlook the security features as well, since impact windows are also resistant against breaking and entering.

Contact an impact window installer if you would like to learn more about the available options. 


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