Learning About Historical Window Replacement and Materials

Learning About Historical Window Replacement and Materials

Things You Need To Know When Installing Impact Glass In Your Home

Isaiah Brewer

Not every home needs impact-resistant glass installed, but if you live in an area with many coastal storms, you may want to upgrade your windows to add some protection to the house. Finding an impact window supplier to get the windows from is pretty straightforward, and working with a window contractor can make upgrading the windows in your home manageable. 

Impact Windows

When you live in an area that sees many hurricanes and other tropical storms each year, you may find yourself in a situation where boarding up the windows on your home becomes a regular part of the summer hurricane season. One solution is to replace the windows in your home with special impact-resistant glass installed in heavy metal or aluminum window frames. 

The impact window supplier may make the window on-site or supply them through a third party. In either case, the glass and frames can typically be sized to fit your existing window openings. If you have some special windows that you need, working with a contractor is often the most accurate way to get the windows measured and ordered so they fit correctly when they arrive at your home. 

Installation Requirements

Installing impact-resistant windows in your home is slightly different from standard glass, but an experienced contractor can replace all the windows in a typical home in a few days. The impact window supplier may require additional flashing, seals, and screws to secure the windows, but the new windows should fit in the original openings if they are correctly sized. 

If you are replacing windows in an existing home, you may not have access to the framing under the windows. Often, the new windows will be heavier than the original ones, so your contractor may suggest adding some additional support under them, but check with the supplier if you are not sure if the support is needed or not. Often, opening the walls to add the extra support would cause damage to the wallboard or other materials that could significantly add to the cost of the installation.

In cases where there is no access to the inside of the wall, the contractor may use aluminum frames on the windows, and they can be nearly as strong as steel frames but will save significant weight. The frame is clad in vinyl to ensure that the metal is protected from moisture and does not require regular painting. 

When appropriately installed, windows from an impact window supplier can withstand winds from category four and five storms, ensuring water and debris do not make it through into your home.


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