Learning About Historical Window Replacement and Materials

Learning About Historical Window Replacement and Materials

Types Of Windows To Install At Your Home

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Windows are essential in the home as they allow air and natural light into the house. Additionally, home windows can enhance the aesthetic value of your house. Windows also insulate your house, preventing heat loss and gain. In return, you spend less on cooling and warming energy bills. Notably, windows come in various sizes and designs, and you can select the window type depending on your preferences and home design. If you have an upcoming window installation project, here are the common types of windows you should consider for your home.

Casement or Crank Windows

Casement windows swing open from a hinge, similar to the way a door opens. This swing function helps allow airflow in the home when desired. This type of window also has a tight seal, which makes them weathertight. That means that they offer energy efficiency in the house. Additionally, the windows open with ease, either from the left- or right-hand side, depending on the hinge position. Casement home windows can work well even around cabinets and counters. Most importantly, you can install screens on the windows, which makes the cleaning process easy.

Picture Windows

These home windows don't open and are ideal in areas with unrestricted airflow. Generally, these windows occupy walls, mainly allow sunlight in the home, and provide a good view of the outdoors. So window installation experts usually install picture windows in homes with high ceilings, where lighting is essential. Therefore, homeowners mainly use these windows for aesthetics. While these large glass windows lose and gain heat quickly compared to the walls, you can select thick glass with improved insulation properties. And since the windows don't open, the maintenance is simple as there are no moving parts and the seal remains airtight.

Bay Windows

Bay home windows have exciting designs that contribute to increased space in your home. The windows comprise small individual windows that meet at an angle. Typical bay windows usually have a picture window in the middle, while the side windows can be single, double-hung windows, or even casement windows. The design makes these windows ideal for kitchens and living rooms since they allow sufficient natural light and airflow. The installation of these windows is a bit complicated, but the right window installation services can get the job done correctly.

The different home window types include bay, picture, and crank windows. Consider installing these home windows in your home if you want to enjoy their features.


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