Learning About Historical Window Replacement and Materials

Learning About Historical Window Replacement and Materials

How Do You Protect Your Windows From Hurricane Damage?

Isaiah Brewer

If you live in an area that is hurricane-prone, you're likely familiar with the damage that can be done by the strong wind and rain that they create. You'll need to take action to protect your home, which typically means reinforcing your windows. Projectile damage is very common, and the weakest link of your home is going to be your windows since an object can easily fly through the glass. Here are some things that you should know about various types of window protection to make your home more secure during a hurricane.

Storm Panels

One of the most cost-effective ways to protect your windows is with storm panels. Many homeowners like them because they are removable and won't alter how their home looks when they are not being used. While they do require storage, the storm panels stack nicely and do not take up much space at all. Storm panels can work great if you are capable of placing them on your home when the time comes since it is an entirely manual process. If you're a senior and not capable of installing them yourself, this is likely not the option for you. 

Accordion Shutters

What makes accordion shutters unique is that they are permanently installed on your home, which eliminates the need to store anything when they are not in use. They cost a bit more than storm panels, but anyone should be capable of moving the accordion shutters in place if a storm is coming. They will alter how the home looks when not being used, which may or may not be important to you. Accordion shutters are not very pretty, but they get the job done.

Colonial Shutters 

What makes colonial shutters unique is that they are much more decorative than the previous two styles of shutters, but they do come at a higher price. They are panels that are installed on hinges around the window and will swing closed to provide protection like two doors. The decorative outside surface of the shutter will be on the inside of the window, so any impact damage will be on the hidden part when the shutters are opened again after the storm passes.

Not sure what kind of storm shutters you should have installed on your house? Reach out to a hurricane shutter service in your area that can help with the selection, purchasing, and installation to take care of the whole job for you.


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