Learning About Historical Window Replacement and Materials

Learning About Historical Window Replacement and Materials

Tinting Your Car's Windows? Know How Much Tint Can Be Applied

Isaiah Brewer

Are you ready to tint your vehicle's windows but not sure how much of a tint should be applied to the glass? If so, it helps to know more about the different degrees of tint so that you can have a final result that you are happy with. Here is what you need to know about how much to tint the glass on your windows.

Legal Requirements

One thing to keep in mind that there are laws regarding how much light at a minimum must be able to pass through the window. If you are caught driving a vehicle with windows that are tinted too much, it is entirely possible that you can get a ticket and be forced to remove the window tint from the glass. 

Make sure you fully understand what your local laws are before having any window tint applied, and verify the percentage of tint with the installer. While local installers should be familiar with the laws, it is always worth double-checking.

Window tint percentages are based on how much light is allowed to pass through, with a lower number providing more privacy and less visibility. 0% would be a window with total privacy on the inside, while 100% would be a window that has no tint applied at all.

20% Window Tint

The lower limit for window tint in the US is 20% in states like New Mexico, and it is going to offer the maximum amount of privacy inside the vehicle while still allowing people to see the outlines of a body inside. You won't be able to see identifying facial features, which can be great if that is the reason that you want a window tint. 

The tint should not make it difficult to see out of the vehicle during the day, but some people may struggle with visibility at night, which is why many states do not allow it.

35% Window Tint

You'll find that some states allow you to use a window tint of around 35%. At this rate, you may be able to start seeing some identifying features of people on the inside of the car and your nighttime visibility will improve. This should be a safe percentage of window tint to use if traveling through other states and abiding by local laws.

70% Window Tint

The most restrictive laws on window tint require 70% of light to pass through. This type of window tint will be helpful to reduce glare inside your vehicle without wearing sunglasses, but will lack any sort of privacy benefits that you can get with a stronger window tint. 

For more information, contact a company that offers window tinting services.


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