Learning About Historical Window Replacement and Materials

Learning About Historical Window Replacement and Materials

Choices In Exterior Shutters For Your Home

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Shutters add beauty to the exterior of your home. They're ideal for homes with classic architecture since shutters were often found on every home as a way to protect the windows from harsh weather. Since windows are stronger and better insulated now, shutters are mainly added for the sake of appearance, although some can double as protection. Here's a look at some options when it comes to exterior shutters.


Traditional shutters were made of wood, and wood is still a popular choice. However, wood requires a lot of care, so if you're looking for an easier material to maintain, you might want vinyl shutters. Shutters made from composite wood are the best of both materials. Composite wood looks like real wood but it is made with a mix of wood and vinyl so it has the lower care requirements of vinyl.


There are a few basic styles of shutters. Louvered shutters are popular, and they have a classic appearance. These shutters are composed of a series of louvered slats that give them a textured appearance. Other shutters are made of solid wood panels for a smoother appearance. It's also possible to combine the two and have louvers on the top portion of the shutters and flat panels on the bottom. When you buy flat panel shutters, you can have designs custom made for them or you can buy them with cut outs already in them. You might want a star or other design cut out of the wood near the top to give the shutters an interesting appearance.

Another type of exterior shutter is the plantation shutter. These are made with louvers as well, but the slats are usually wider than with traditional louvered shutters. Plus, plantation shutters are functional, so they can close over the windows to protect the glass during a storm or to provide shade.


Shutters come in a variety of colors and you can also paint wood shutters to match your home. If you don't want to worry about painting the shutters, then choosing vinyl shutters in a stock color would be a good idea since they never need painted. You could choose black, white, green, or some other color that matches the theme of your house. Wood shutters can be stained for a natural wood look or painted to match your trim. You usually choose shutter colors that stand out against the exterior house color rather than blend in with it.

Exterior shutters add a finishing touch to your house whether it has brick, vinyl, or other siding. They add a bit of color and style to your home, and they are suitable for most styles of architecture.


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