Learning About Historical Window Replacement and Materials

Learning About Historical Window Replacement and Materials

Need New Windows? Consider Fiberglass For These 5 Reasons

Isaiah Brewer

If you want to increase your home's value, replacing the windows is a great way to do it. They are an item that potential buyers definitely notice, and can even attract someone to a property since new windows are secure and energy efficient. Unfortunately, you can't just go with any kind of window. Some windows can be stylish instead of practical in terms of efficiency and durability. When selecting a material, fiberglass stands out among the others for the following 5 reasons.

Fiberglass Windows Are Light

If you have a very large vertical window, fiberglass is an ideal choice because of its weight. The frame won't be too heavy where it will keep falling down when the window is open, and you'll be able to position the window at any height you desire.

Fiberglass Windows Are Strong

The material may be lightweight, but it can also be very strong when compared to competing materials. It is difficult to scratch fiberglass through normal wear and tear, and the window's electrostatic coat of paint helps it become scratch-resistant. This will be especially helpful for double hung windows that have parts that rub against each other when opening or closing.

Fiberglass Windows Are Great For All Seasons

You may not be aware that the fiberglass material is weatherproof. It won't become warped like wood from sun exposure or water, and won't rust like metal. It makes it ideal for homes that are in a climate that sees all the seasons, since fiberglass can withstand the cold winters and hot summers with ease.

Since fiberglass doesn't expand and contract like other materials as the seasons change, it helps the glass seal remain intact instead of breaking.

Fiberglass Windows Are Hollow

Since the inside of a fiberglass window frame is hollow, it gives you flexibility with how you want to insulate your home. You can select fiberglass knowing that you can fill the inside of the frame with whatever insulation you need.

Discover what region your home is located in, since a colder climate will require insulation with a higher R-value. If you do not need much insulation, you can save money by not getting a more expensive window that is insulated too well.

Fiberglass Windows Require Minimum Maintenance

When compared to a material like wood, you will not have to do any maintenance to a fiberglass window. This includes sanding, painting/staining, and sealing the wood. You won't have to think about your windows much one they are installed if you go with fiberglass.

For more information on fiberglass windows, speak to a window contractor, such as Morgan Exteriors Inc.   


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