Learning About Historical Window Replacement and Materials

Learning About Historical Window Replacement and Materials

The Durability And Efficiency Of Fiberglass Windows

Isaiah Brewer

Replacing the windows in your home is very smart, especially if you are planning on selling in the near future. Windows are a smart remodel because they give both inside and outside of your home the facelift. Home buyers will also be very attracted to new windows because they are functional an energy efficient. If you walk by a closed window in your home and feel a cold bubble of air, it might be time to consider investing in replacement windows. But not all window replacement materials are as practical and functional as others. One material that will definitely attract potential homebuyers is fiberglass. This article explains why fiberglass is a great window material.

Great U Factor

The U factor is very important when it comes to buying new windows. This is a standardized measurement that calculates the the rate of heat loss. A window with a lower U factor rating will retain heat inside the home for longer. Different fiberglass windows will have different rating, depending on the thickness of the fiberglass and the insulation within the frame. Most fiberglass window frames are hollow. This allows them to be insulated with wool or foam insulation. Of course, you will generally pay more money for windows with greater installation. However, fiber glass windows tend to have favorable U factor ratings, especially when you consider the price.

Durable and Long Lasting Finish

Another great feature of fiberglass that will attract buyers is the fact that it has such a durable finish. Fiberglass frames are painted using electrostatic methods. This creates a very hard, smooth, durable and fade resistant finish. This is especially useful on sliding and movable windows. The hard, smooth surface of the window sash and frame can slide it against each other with hardly any friction. You never need to repaint or lubricate fiberglass windows. The easy and low cost of maintenance of fiberglass is hard to beat. It will save you a lot of time and money over the years.

With such great insulation, you will not feel a cold breeze when you walk by a closed the window. And since it is so durable, fiberglass is definitely one of the best materials for storm window fixtures. When it comes to durability and ease of maintenance, it is hard to beat. It is easy to understand why homeowners, no matter where they live, are interested in fiberglass. Talk to a company like Innovations Siding & Windows to learn more.


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