Learning About Historical Window Replacement and Materials

Learning About Historical Window Replacement and Materials

Three Types of Specialty Windows That Require Additional Home Construction Prior to Installation

Isaiah Brewer

When you are ready to make a change to your home's appearance, specialty windows may be the ideal way to go. They provide light, decoration, and "curb appeal" to your home. However, some of these decorative specialty windows may require additional construction prior to installation. Here are three types of specialty windows that you may need a contractor's extra help to install.

Half-Moon or Arch Tableaus

These windows often top standard rectangular windows in a semicircle. (You can see their unique decorative effect in pictures of Andersen windows, for example.) To get these extra half-moon or arch tableau windows installed correctly, a contractor has to cut away the precise amount of wall, including siding and wall insulation, to fit the frame of the windows. Thankfully, the glass itself is already part of the frame and the half-moon window can be installed as a single piece.

Portholes or Round Windows

A porthole or round window is especially popular if you own a Cape Cod-style house or live along the Eastern sea board. However, you can have a round window installed just about anywhere in any type of home. There are types that open for a bit of fresh air and ones that do not open at all and are only meant to provide extra light and decoration.

Like the half-moon/arch window, lots of careful measuring and cutting needs to be done to your wall before a porthole/ round window can be installed. Cutting round shapes out of a wall is not typical of most windows and homes, and the slightest bit off the correct measurement could yield a cut that is too big for the window frame or leaves a small gap. It is advisable that you have a professional make the cut for these windows rather than try to cut the shape out yourself.

Stained Glass or Rose Windows

If you really want to go all out and install some incredibly beautiful windows, stained glass and/or rose windows may be right for you. Rose windows are round windows composed of stained glass, traditionally set with a picture of a rose (hence the name). However, the more modern version of a rose window can contain any imagery or colors whatsoever. Stained glass windows may be rectangular in shape or peaked/pointed like bishop's caps. Even if you get just the rectangular versions installed, they require a very special type of frame to hold them securely in place so they do not fall out and smash into bits. The bishop's cap style needs additional home construction so that the "caps" are well-supported even when perched atop rectangular, stained glass windows. You will definitely need a window expert if you choose this specialty window.

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