Learning About Historical Window Replacement and Materials

Learning About Historical Window Replacement and Materials

Door Installation: Transforming A Single Door Into One Of Three New Options And What To Expect

Isaiah Brewer

If you are ready to transform the entryway into your home, you have a few options that will really make your front door pop. The door installation procedures for each of these new doors involves removing the old door and sometimes removing the door frame as well. The following three options might interest you. Their descriptions also include details about what to expect should you choose a particular option.

Double Doors

Double doors provide you with a wider opening into your home. This is a very nice feature to have, especially if you need to move large objects in and out of your home (e.g., piano, dining table, etc.). To install this option in place of a single front door, you can expect quite a bit of fresh construction. The door and its frame both have to be removed, and the doorway has to be widened to fit the new double doors.

Your contractor will measure the available space you have surrounding your current door and then cut the opening for the new door frame according to the best use of available space. This may mean that your double doors may not be centered completely, but that your contractor will still get the doors to fit if you select this option.

Single Door with One Vertical Side Window

Some styles of single doors are accompanied by a vertical side window. The vertical side window often provides both additional light for your foyer and decoration for your front door. If you spot a door like this that you think you would like in place of the single door you currently have, be aware that this style of door frequently comes ready-assembled because the glass window is already installed in the frame of the door.

This means that you cannot simply replace the door with the new door and cut an opening for the side window, but that you will need to remove the old door and the old frame and then cut the extra space out to fit the entire new frame with the window.

Doors with Half Moon Windows on Top

A third option for transforming your front door is to install a door with a half moon window on the top. This type of door provides more light, like the door with a single, vertical side window, but offers more privacy because the window is above visitors' heads. Some people also choose this type of door because of its "peek-a-boo" feature; the half moon window can draw attention to a crystal chandelier just inside the foyer. Although small, the half moon window requires some highly-skilled cutting to get the frame of the window into the space above the new door. Contact a window company like Mister Window Inc. for more info.


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