Learning About Historical Window Replacement and Materials

Learning About Historical Window Replacement and Materials

4 Tips For Replacing A Window Screen

Isaiah Brewer

If your glass window is broken, you will likely contact a professional to get a replacement window. However, with a window screen, this may be something you can fix on your own. Here are some tips to follow when replacing the window screen.

Select the Type of Screen

Before replacing your current window screen, you will need to decide what new screen you want. You may simply want to choose the same type of screen, especially if it is just a torn screen that needs replacing. However, you may also want to take the opportunity to upgrade the screen to a different material. For example, aluminum is a great material for screens as it lasts a long time and is very durable. There are fiberglass screens that are simple to install, and some clear screen materials that are less noticeable.

Decide if You Want to Use the Same Frame

The next decision to make when replacing the window screen is whether or not you want to use the same frame. Window screen frames often last longer than the screen itself. Your frame might still be in good condition, and you are just replacing the mesh part of the screen because it has a rip or hole in it. In this case, you should be fine using the same frame. However, if the screen is old and starting to look worn, it is best to choose a new screen frame as well. This is another chance to upgrade your windows and get an excellent frame.

Remove the Current Window Screen

Now that you have the supplies you need, you can start removing the old window screen. Most screens have a spline, which is a type of cord that goes around the window frame. This is helping to hold the screen in place. To remove a screen and its frame, you first need to remove this spline piece. You can do this by lifting it out of the screen and pulling it out with either a sharp object or flat-head screwdriver. Once you remove it, you will be able to easily pull out the screen. It is a good idea to have a new spline to install along with your new screen.

Install the New Window Screen

You are now working on the final steps of switching the window screen to a new one. If you haven't done so already, you need to cut the new screen to the correct size for the window. If you have the old screen handy, it should be easy enough to use that screen to measure out the right size for the new screen. Remember to leave an inch or two extra around the screen material you are cutting so there s sufficient room for placing it in the frame and using the new spline. Take this screen material and place it over the screen frame, allowing it to overlap the screen. Put the new spline in around the frame, then secure the new screen. Trim any excess screen material you have.



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